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Spring Furry Splendor

Today we held our spring event and I was amazed at how wonderful it turned out. The weather cooperated, the animals cooperated, and the people that came were wonderful. We had a photo booth (as always) with a couple of last years babies and everyone wanted their picture taken. We had a special backdrop made and it was well received. The store was set up with wonderful items and was very successful and we added a space for everyone to build their own alpacas. Unfortunately, we ran out way too soon. Visitors were also able to weave a potholder using alpaca yarn and a paper plate. There were pictures from AOA for kids to color and overall, it was very successful. We probably saw over 250 people come through and what made it wonderful was they were not all at once, they spread out throughout the day. People enjoyed feeding the animals and being able to feel their wonderful fiber before its all gone next Saturday. After shearing on the 1st of May, we are looking forward to our next big event when a lot of the babies have been born. There is nothing cuter than a baby alpaca!