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Our Colorado Trip

We spent this last weekend with John and Cindy at Stargazer Ranch Alpacas. They shared their knowledge about EPD's, breeding, husbandry, etc. with us. We learned so much that our brains were on overload. We were so impressed with their willingness to not only teach us but to go above and beyond what most people would do. This will be the way that we handle our sales and mentoring when we reach that stage. We bought a package of 8 animals from them that included every ounce of information they had on the animals plus how they felt about which animal breeding would be best to improve our herd. They fed us, befriended us, and we left feeling that we had accomplished so much. We are so excited about the animals that we bought. We brought home, Alegra who is a color champion and the daughter of Champion 4Peruvian Legacy, Centaurus and Pandora (half brother and sister from the famous Apocolypse "A" Man), Contender (a son of Callisto), Ginger (a daughter from Barringer,) Nightsky Grace (a granddaughter from PPeruvian Felix), Solar Storm (a son from Barringer), and Toulouse (a son of Eclipse), all beautiful, very nice animals. We are looking forward to implementing what we learned about EPD's with our herd to improve and become one of the best Alpaca Ranches in the Country. We love our animals and are very concerned with their care and handling. They are so rewarding to spend time with.