Enchanted Hollow Alpacas


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Feed and mingle with the Alpacas!


These beautiful animals have brought serenity and joy to our lives. Anyone who owns an Alpaca can attest to their peaceful nature and their calming effect, not to mention their beautiful fiber and enchanting personalities.

We started with 5 alpacas to raise just for fleece but after a few months we knew we wanted to do more! After going to the National Show in Denver, we dove into it head first and have been raising alpacas now for over 8 years and have loved every minute (well almost). We have had some great experiences with our animals (up to 46 and counting now) and we have had some disappointments, but we know that this is the life that we want to retire to. We sold our home in West Haven and bought some land by Tremonton, Utah and are making our ranch what we want it to be. We bought an amazing stud from Pamela Ray (Xanadu Champaign P Protocol) and have, after Nationals last year, purchased a champion female from Irish Meadows. We also purchased three modern rose grey, bred females from Heart and Soul Alpacas. They have changed our quality and direction completely. We have raised babies that are now giving us babies and we are getting really excited to see how our animals do in the shows and also how beautiful next year's babies will be. We have done some outside breedings so with the three crias from Heart and Soul, two from Kit Carson, one from Tabernacle, two from Dizzy Gillespie, and our own breedings, our alpacas are very beautiful and show worthy. We have been doing agritourism for a few years now and really enjoy sharing our farm and our animals with other people. Our goals are to be a top breeder but more importantly, to be a top mentor not just for people who buy from us but for anyone needing the help.