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Spring Babies!

Spring is an exciting time on a farm due to spring babies. However, for alpacas, the due date should be scheduled for about May, not much earlier. Alpaca babies can't regulate their temperature after birth so the temps outside need to be a little warmer. We had a male break out before we could get our animals moved to our new farm, which put our babies due earlier. Two days ago, we had our first cria. We were prepared and things went very well. He is up, nursing, and doing well. He has a coat on him and they are locked in the barn at night with a foot of straw for warmth. We have two more cria due and they will be treated the same way. They are turned out during the day since we actually have a little bit of sun right now and then put back in at night. Love our crias and it is so exciting to see what our dams and sires produce. We have 13 babies due this year. If you are interested in a farm visit, please let us know.