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EHA Alpacalypse

October 10, 2020 was our Farm Alpacalypse. Beautiful weather and great visitors. Our family was fantastic helping out and we so appreciate them. We encouraged social distancing and had sanitizing stations set up upon arrival and in the barn.
We had a photo booth made out of straw bales and decorated for Halloween, manned by our grandsons with a couple of our very friendly alpacas. Visitors enjoyed having their picture taken up close and personal with our animals. We sold timothy hay pellets for feeding the animals and they obliged by eating what they wanted. Most of our visitors followed the rules and had an enjoyable visit with our animals. They were able to walk through a field with some girls and see the babies and their moms in another field. The boys were in close proximity so that anyone visiting was able to see all of our animals. We set up our equipment (tumbler, carder, etc.) along with a fleece for visitors to feel and many asked how we work our fleeces. We also had our store set up so that visitors could see alpaca products and purchase if they wanted. Last, but not least, we had a Halloween candy table so that kids could trick or treat. This was an amazing day and one which will become an annual event at our farm.