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Ground Hog Day!

Well, according to the ground hog, we are supposed to have an early Spring, which I am sure ready for.  We have 6 weeks till the first day of Spring.  Our animals are healthy, happy, and very pampered and protected in our barns, bedded in deep straw and warm and cosy.  Tucker spends his older days with the girls in the barn.  We are getting excited to head to some shows this year and see how our animals compete with other farms.  We have been

Enchanted Hollow Alpacalypse

Ghosts and goblins and ALPACAS are about and it is Alpacalypse time! Put on your costumes (not required) and creep through the field of alpacas! Take pictures in the photo booth complete with decorations and alpacas! Feed the animals! See the babies, (Spring babies and the 2 new ones), trick or treat and browse in the store we have a wonderful assortment of new items and old items! It will be stocked and ready to go! Be careful not to let the little ones get lost in the maze while looking for tr

2023 Alpaca Furry Splendor Days

The weather is finally going to break. We have had so much snow that has stopped our animals from being outside that we are all looking forward to them being out and about. We are excited for Spring to finally start and the babies to start arriving. April 22 is our 2023 Furry Splendor Days. It is the last opportunity for everyone to see our alpacas in all their furry glory before we shear a couple weeks later. They all have so much fleece you would never know there is a tiny animal under it

2022 Alpaca Christmas Wonderland

Our Christmas Event was pretty fabulous this year. We had so many people that I didn't get many pictures. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, for which I am grateful. It means I am doing something right. This year we managed to get Santa Clause to come even though he was very busy. He was so awesome. We also had our traditional manger scene complete with alpacas for your picture taking. The store had old and new items and was a complete success. Thank you to everyone who came and

Malad Valley Renaissance days & Baby Days!

April 29th and April 30th! We have been asked to participate in the first ever Malad Valley Renaissance Celebration and Baby Animal Days so we are taking some of our young alpacas and our store to the Malad Valley Heritage Center in Samaria, Idaho on April 29th and April 30th and couldn't be more excited. This is going to be 2 great days and we are hoping to meet many new people and share our alpacas with them.

Enchanted Hollow Alpacas Jack Frost Day

Today we held our Jack Frost Day event (which was a makeup event for our Christmas event that we had to cancel due to a death in the family) and while it wasn't as busy as the Christmas event would have been, we still had a good turnout and people seemed to enjoy themselves. The weather was cold but sunny and our store was well stocked. The photo booth was a hit with our two little weaned baby boys from this year, Sir Lancelot and Zazu, who were loving the attention. Our girls love to surroun

Protocol is the man!

Protocol is really coming through for us. Not only are his EPD's and histograms good but he is really producing some outstanding crias that are starting to win championships. Protocol is registered as a light fawn, not white, but only because he has two quarter size spots of color. So you combine that beautiful white fleece with color and he is knocking it out of the park. We have many different colors ranging from white to black from him and they have the Protocol stance (as I call it). Ca

Enchanted Hollow's Alpacalypse

This was our second annual Alpacalypse and it was very successful. Lots of nice people came out in the rain and participated. We had a wonderful photo booth set up complete with Halloween decorations and alpacas. We set up a small maze for the little kids and believe it or not, the alpacas seemed to like going through it. Lots of feed for the animals and Tucker and Appa were on hand to say hi! We had a full store with many items to choose from and we also had lots of candy for the trick or

National Alpaca Farm Days

NATIONAL ALPACA FARM DAYS is September 25th & 26th. 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Don't miss a chance to leisurely stroll around our farm at no cost. Feed the animals, take all the pictures you want, visit us in the store, see the newest babies (should have 2 more by then) and our spring babies. Their fleece is starting to get fluffy again and they love being handfed. Learn about the fiber and what we d

Spring Furry Splendor

Today we held our spring event and I was amazed at how wonderful it turned out. The weather cooperated, the animals cooperated, and the people that came were wonderful. We had a photo booth (as always) with a couple of last years babies and everyone wanted their picture taken. We had a special backdrop made and it was well received. The store was set up with wonderful items and was very successful and we added a space for everyone to build their own alpacas. Unfortunately, we ran out way to


February 13, 2021 was our Sweetheart Alpaca Social. It was snowing and blowing but we held it anyway. We had over 100 people come throughout the day and it was a total success! The Valentine photo booth was great and visitors were able to hand feed and love on the babies while getting their pics taken. Everyone who came seemed to enjoy visiting the animals and then warm up in the store with some hot chocolate. We had a coloring contest and will award 3 stuffed alpacas this week. We are ver

Alpaca Christmas Wonderland

December 19, 2020 was our big Christmas event. We had a manger where guests could get their pics taken with baby Jesus, Mary, & Joseph. Nim and her baby Aragon were also in the manger and included in the pictures. Everyone seemed to love the manger scene. Nim and Aragon are very friendly and small so they were not intimidating to children in any way. The store was set up in the garage and left open to prevent any Covid transfers. It was a great day. People love coming to see and feed the

EHA Alpacalypse

October 10, 2020 was our Farm Alpacalypse. Beautiful weather and great visitors. Our family was fantastic helping out and we so appreciate them. We encouraged social distancing and had sanitizing stations set up upon arrival and in the barn.
We had a photo booth made out of straw bales and decorated for Halloween, manned by our grandsons with a couple of our very friendly alpacas. Visitors enjoyed having their picture taken up close and personal with our animals. We sold timothy hay p

Enchanted Baby Alpacalypse

October 10, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

5635 WEST 8800 NORTH, ELWOOD, UT 801.814.0445

We (Royce and Julee Savage) moved our alpaca farm to Elwood, Utah two years ago from West Haven, Utah where we had a small farm. We could not ask for a more beautiful place to live and farm. The people in Elwood and the surrounding areas are wonderful people and have made us feel very welcome. We have rai

2020 Crias

Man! Spring crias moms this year went way overdue! Some over a year. Fall babies were pretty much right on time. We ended up with 7 spring crias and 3 fall crias. We have 5 girls and 5 boys. They are exceptional so far. Really looking forward to seeing them grow.

Enchanted Baby Alpaca Encounter


Meet our new babies, visit the yearlings, walk among the alpacas, feel their luxurious fiber, learn everything you want to know about alpacas, their fiber, and their care (or not), feed the animals, visit the store!

$5.00 per person, kids under 5 are free. Social Distancing will be followed. A sanitizing station will be set up.

Shearing 2020

Our shearing day was June 25, 2020 and our family and friends showed up to help. It couldn't have been a better day. Not too hot. Tom turned on his music (which we loved) and the mood was pretty mellow. Shearing went fast and well. Just a bit of excitement when Tabitha decided to have her baby. Tom said it was the fastest shearing job he has done to date. She had a beautiful little gray girl about 5 minutes later. Such a great day and can't thank our crew enough. You guys are the bomb!

Our Guardian dogs (or should I say angels)

We have two (2) guardian dogs on our farm. Tucker is a purebred Maremma and to watch him with the animals, you would think he was one of them. When we first got him, the alpacas were quite a bit against it! He would come out of the barn and walk a little way towards them with his head down and just stand there. Then he would go back into the barn for a while. It took about a month for the animals to trust him and now he feels quite at home and they don't even look twice at him. He is johnn

Grandkids and alpacas!

My daughter brought her 5 kids to visit and they got to visit up close and personal with the alpacas. Mateo loved Flynn who was more than willing to give him a kiss. The kids fed them grass and visited with our guardian dogs. Enjoyed sharing our life with them!

Farm Experience

We had a Farm Experience Saturday with two wonderful people. They wanted to experience everything from learning about fiber and what can be done with it to cleaning, feeding, and spreading new straw. They had smiles on their faces even while cleaning much. We enjoyed their visit very much and look forward to sharing our farm with many more.

Winter on the farm!

Our new barn has truly been a blessing this winter. Our girls and babies have been snug as a bug in a rug. We seem to get one snowstorm after another and right now have close to 10" on the ground. We now have an Airbnb experience set up to walk with the alpacas and plan make it an enjoyable experience for everyone who attends. We are also offering farm tours on our website. Check it out. We are still in the building stage on our farm so progress has kinda come to a standstill due to weathe

Spring Babies!

Spring is an exciting time on a farm due to spring babies. However, for alpacas, the due date should be scheduled for about May, not much earlier. Alpaca babies can't regulate their temperature after birth so the temps outside need to be a little warmer. We had a male break out before we could get our animals moved to our new farm, which put our babies due earlier. Two days ago, we had our first cria. We were prepared and things went very well. He is up, nursing, and doing well. He has a

New Ranch

Last month we closed on the sale of our home (only 4 years old) and closed on the purchase of our new alpaca ranch (6 1/2 acres). We moved our shelter and built another shelter and corrals for our animals. We are in the process of running water and power to them. We are also in the planning stages for our new barn. We are all moved in, animals are moved and love it there. We cut and baled over 100 bales of grass hay and need to plan our landscaping. Our new home is a year old with no yard


With shearing and baby watch right around the corner, we are cleaning up and building a new shelter for the boys. Corals are in, just need to string wire and then we are ready to start planting. Can't wait to see nice green grass growing for our animals. It's time to start breeding and our boys are getting anxious. Our first cria are due in a month and we are really looking forward to new babies and better quality animals. Can't wait to see what hits the ground this spring. Since purchasin

Our Colorado Trip

We spent this last weekend with John and Cindy at Stargazer Ranch Alpacas. They shared their knowledge about EPD's, breeding, husbandry, etc. with us. We learned so much that our brains were on overload. We were so impressed with their willingness to not only teach us but to go above and beyond what most people would do. This will be the way that we handle our sales and mentoring when we reach that stage. We bought a package of 8 animals from them that included every ounce of information th


Xanadu Champagne Protocol will be home on our farm, Enchanted Hollow Alpaca's, this Wednesday. We are very excited to have him and his genetics as one of our herdsires. His bloodline is rare in the west and we know that he will improve our herd by giving us some very elite cria. He is white with a small fawn patch on his side. His background is color so we are looking forward to, not just white, but color also. When he has settled in and is ready, we will be offering a few breedings at a reduced

Xanadu Champagne Protocol

Royce and I attended the AOA National Show in Denver and were fortunate enough to purchase an amazing animal from Pamela Ray at Xanadu Farm Alpacas! His sire is Crystal KO (Crystal Spartan Son) and his Dam is Vac Velvet Expresso (Beethovan's Dorian Daughter). Fantastic bloodlines! Some of his show wins so far are First Place Halter at GWAS, TXOlan, and 2016 AOA National Show. The AOA Fleece show was 2nd place and Best Hand. Judge's comment was WOW! He also won at the 2017 AOA National Show.


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