Enchanted Hollow Alpacas


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$10 Farm Tours

Relax and Enjoy!

Farm Tour $10 per person, under 5 free. Duration is up to 1 hr. BY APPOINTMENT.

Call to Order: 8018143067
Our Farm Tour is a tour of the farm, starting with a short intro about alpacas, then moving to the male barn and then onto the moms and babies in the big barn, ending at the store with cookies and a drink.

Our Farm Experience starts with a short intro about alpacas highlighting myths and do's and don'ts. We will discuss the shearing and what we do with the fiber. Some hands on demonstrations with raw fiber and how it is processed into yarn, touching briefly on knitting, crocheting, weaving, and felting. We will then move to the male barn first and then onto the moms, babies, and pregnant females at the big barn. Highlights will be some limited touching of the animals, feeding treats, and discovering the joys (and not joys) of raising alpacas with plenty of time for questions if desired. We will end at the store with a treat.

Terms Of Service
No running or scaring the animals and no feeding or touching without the permission of the Owner! Please wear appropriate clothing, weather related and farm attire! Your children are your responsibility!